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DeBruin-McCready Clan

Logan, Tanya, Jessica, Hank, Michaela and Dustyn

  • A Truly Unique Experience, would you like to try something completely unique and different this year? 

  • 99.9% Pandemic Safe, our virtual tours are conducted from the safety of your own home. Get cozy, prepare some piping hot chocolate, turn off the heating, open the window, and experience the atmosphere of the great outdoors.

  • Great Winter Gift, for the loved one in your life who has everything - why not gift them a dedicated tour where they can become a Virtual Musher and take a virtual tour with us somewhere truly special!

  • Spend The Winter Together (Virtually), let's face it we may not be able to spend time with loved ones this winter season - so why not connect together for truly mind boggling experience. We will ride through the snow, listen to Hank and the team, experience the awesome scenery, sip some hot chocolate, and share a few stories around a fire. 

Experience The

Magic of Winterdance

With Tanya, Hank, and All of the Debruin-McCready Clan

Would You Like To Be Your Own Virtual Musher?

 NORMAL PRICE (Family of 4) $650




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This place is run like a well oiled machine. Booking with Tanya was a breeze and she was so friendly! Walking into the welcoming cabin for our half day tour we were greeted by super friendly guides who quickly whisked our kids away to fill their heads with amazing Iditarod stories.  The tour was amazing and we were blessed with a sunny day. I can’t say enough about the dogs, they clearly love to run and certainly showed their excitement to hit the trail. My kids loved cuddling with all of them any chance they could. Our kids tell us we’re doing this every year, so see ya in 2021!

Review From Trip Advisor

We had such an amazing time! I worked with Barbara and Tanya for our booking of 12 people and I can't tell you how awesome they were. Working with us for dates and times, along with providing lodging options and other things to do in the area. Amazing customer service. The day of the adventure was amazing Ryan and Clare were our awesome guides and made sure everyone was safe and had loads of fun! Taking pictures for us, while also telling us more about our teams(the gorgeous dogs), Ryan and Clare were a wealth of information and shared some great stories. The dogs were awesome, so beautiful and full of cuddles... and hard working, they could hardly wait to get going. You could really tell by the interaction between the dogs and the guides that they are loved and well taken care of. I would like to thank you all at Winterdance in
making our day beyond amazing, these are memories for a life time. You should all be so proud of yourselves and the teams. Thank you! 

Review From Trip Advisor