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David Waldy

South Carolina, USA

Chaz Malewski

Newark Delaware, USA

Amid the COVID-19 restrictions Christmas was spent with family around a roaring fire watching the Winterdance dog sled experience. What a fabulous experience riding on the shoulder of our guide as we whistled down the snow- covered trails with the dogs in full chat ahead of us. The virtual experience really gave a close appreciation of what it is like at the live event. This is a MUST DO family activity. We can’t wait to experience the real thing.





Nigel Smart

Pennsylvania, USA

In our family the youngest person is 3 years old and the eldest is 95 so it’s hard to find an activity that will appeal to everyone...The Winterdance experience was a GODSEND! We were stuck in the house, nothing special to do and suddenly the whole family was virtually and vicariously racing
through the snow with the dogs. It was exciting... so much fun, so interesting, and at times hilarious too. It was sooo relatable and our family loved it. It was like a really great outing but we didn't actually have to put on our coats, get in the car or pay for parking! We loved it and we absolutely recommend it.

Kara Miller

Beverly Hills, USA

Would recommend it for anyone with elderly parents or young children - amazing... pull out a nice bottle of wine, hot chocolate for the kids. Pull up the blanket around you and let Hank, family and his amazing team transport you and your loved ones into this magical breathtaking wilderness. Truly inspiring...









Paul McKeown

Warsaw, Poland

The Experience of a Lifetime

  • A Truly Unique Adventure

    Would you like to try something completely unique and different this year? Our Virtual Dogsled Tour is guaranteed to blow your mind!

  • Great Winter Gift

    For the loved one in your life who has everything - why not gift them a dedicated tour where they can become a Virtual Musher and take a virtual tour with us somewhere truly special!

  • Be Safe at Home

    Our virtual tours are conducted from the safety of your own home. Get cozy, prepare some piping hot chocolate, turn off the heating, open the window, and experience the atmosphere of the great outdoors.

  • Watch With Family

    Have kids? Siblings? Furry friends? Huddle up with your family in front of a fire place with some hot chocolate and take a trip down the trails into the Canadian wilderness!

The Winterdance Story

"As beautiful as the landscape of the countryside is, the true magic of this whole experience is the passion of the dogs. When people leave, we want them to feel what the wilderness was like 100 years ago, where you don't need technology, just beauty and magic. And hopefully, down the road, we want to preserve it more."

-Tanya McCready, Co-Owner


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